Bespoke Solutions

Whether it is a luminaire or control system, everyone has a set of unique requirements and expectations.

Despite this, most luminaire manufacturers will try to fit you into a mould which they have created. You can imagine the extensive resources required in the development of luminaires or control systems and as a result, many manufacturers will not entertain a request for a Bespoke Solution unless the volumes are substantial. This approach may work in some cases, but your needs are unique and real.

You have requirements, but who holds the expertise to understand these requirements and transform them into something of value?

With a wealth of knowledge, Illumination Technology’s creative specialists, engineers, software architects, and international partners work in synergy, using reverse engineering methodologies to create luminaires, illumination systems, and control systems to produce the results you envision. Our team ensures that the Bespoke Solution functions in-sync with your business operations, which is easily accessible through a user-friendly interface.

We are passionate in our belief that luminaires and illumination systems are there for your betterment, and as such, should be designed around you, and not you around them.