Illumination assessment and specification

There are so many options available out there, but what does all that data mean? This is likely to be a sizeable investment and needs to produce the results that you are expecting. Getting it wrong could lead to significant losses not to mention the safety hazards. Whether you are looking to embark on a project immediately, looking to write a specification or if you are in the process of doing a feasibility case study, we are at your service.

No matter the stage your project is at, be it from the very beginning of a new build, or an existing site requiring an upgrade, our experienced consultants are available to obtain a brief from you, and then arrange a time to collect the other necessary data. They will then embark on a methodical process with measurable added value, including some of the following:

Site inspection and/or consultation with the client; proposed budgetary cost, cost of ownership, carbon emissions reduction and/or Project feasibility and ROI calculations; lighting simulations together with lighting layout and project finance.

We offer an objective approach because you are at the centre of why we do what we do.