Turnkey Solutions

Designing, installing, and maintaining a new lighting system can be complicated. With Illumination Technology Solutions (ITS), you get peace of mind, as you deal with one person who takes responsibility for your lighting solution. One point of contact means you can focus on your core business while our team focuses on your project. This saves you both the time and hassle of trying to coordinate with all the various contractors involved. We manage the entire process - from planning, supply, installation, safety, project management to commissioning, and even maintenance.

Even though we manufacture an extensive range of products ourselves, we will always choose the best product for you, even if it may be from another manufacturer.  In this way, you get a state-of-the-art solution, delivered at a competitive price.

Flexibility at its best…you are the client, you pick and choose which services you require. This means you can choose either a complete turnkey solution or pick only the services that suit your need. The choice is yours.

ITS services include: Site inspection and/or consultation with client; proposed budgetary cost; project conceptualisation and presentation, which includes cost of ownership; carbon emissions reduction; project feasibility and ROI calculations; project and safety planning; lighting layout and infrastructure layout; control system design; supply of luminaires; supply of infrastructure and/or control system; installation of luminaires; installation of infrastructure and/or control system; commissioning of all equipment and software; project management; removal and recycling of old equipment; and project finance.